The Band

The Staples are:

Randy Stauffer - Vocals

Danny Follin - Guitar

Buzz - Bass

Casey Follin - Guitar

Craig Walkup - Drums

By Randy Stauffer:

1991- A dude I used to work with, Steve Potza, calls me to take over on drums in a band they were forming. It seems their original drummer had his drum kit stolen out of his car. Bad for him, good for me. Initially called Backlash and later to be re-born as Plastic Sunshine after Steve left, was a group of guys I am happy to say are still great friends of mine. Jim Neiswander (Buzz, to most everyone), Troy Ball, Mark Carty, and I spent the next 4 years doing covers at local bars and festivals and writing original music. The music scene at this time was great with bands like Rotten Excuse, Gut Piston, Bif Debris, Against Time, and numerous other bands with an edge. In early ’95, for some reason, our foursome started to fade musically, so we called it quits, but our friendships kept growing as the years have past.

1995- Around Octoberish, I believe, I received a call from Charlie Davis. I sort of knew Charlie from Against Time, a great local band that did tunes that not a lot of people could do. Charlie was forming a band with his brother Jeff, his girlfriend Heather, and Cheez Boy. Steve lasted about 2 practices, then he quit. Going by the name Goldilox, we had great success for about 3 years, playing anywhere from Indian Lake to Indiana. With personal conflicts and line-up changes, the middle of ‘98 became a time for me to change it up again.

While playing with Plastic Sunshine, I jammed with some Wapak dudes, Pat Young and Danny Follin who you all know has been with me ever since. Danny ran sound for Goldilox while that band was in its prime and when the end came it was only natural for us to form our own band. I immediately called Buzz who was fresh back from Seattle with a new recording degree (we have yet to benefit from that). Danny contacted a girl he knew to try and fill the lead vocal spot. Our first practice rolls around (this took a little while because she had to have throat surgery), and in walks Jody Gossard. I didn’t know this until she got there, but Jody Gossard was actually Jody Wade who had grown up a street behind me in Elida, so we sort of knew each other already. Jody is an outstanding vocalist, and going by the name Jade, the band was well received. We had a great 3 year ride with this band (must be the female vocalist thing); with a small hiccup in the middle when Jody got pregnant, but Heather from my old band Goldilox did a fantastic job filling in for her. Sometime in early 2001, Jody called it quits.

Sometime in 2002…………. With focus being on Jody’s fantastic vocals in our last band, Danny, Buzz, and I decided to change things up and try and create more of a rock atmosphere. We added Danny’s little brother Casey, and after realizing that I couldn’t sing and play drums all night, we recruited the first of our many drummers. Evil Travis, our first drummer, was fresh off of a gig with Exploit. He lasted 1 show and then stiffed us on the 2nd one. Next we called in Travis Williams, also fresh out of Exploit. This Travis was a great guitar player but wanted to try his hand at drums (he said he played when he was younger). He shows up to the gig without ever playing with us and pulled off 3/4 of our set list. Travis (T-Bone) is truly a great Guitarist, Drummer, and singer and I had a great time playing with him. After a year or so we were playing too often for T-Bone so he gave his notice. I called in a long time school chum, and great drummer, Scott Carter. Scott filled the spot quickly and with great ease. He did a bang-up job for a little over a year. He and I had also formed another band on the side called Deadmans Dope, with bassist Mark Swords (Against Time, Black Eyed Susan), Mark Poe (Weapon), and Patch Adams (Sucker Punch). Scott raced sprint cars for years before getting back into drums, and after a year off from racing, when race season rolled around again, I think Scott got the fever and we had to make yet another change, and I was back down to 1 band soon after.

In late 2005/early 2006, in walks Craig Walkup. Craig is, what I believe to be, the staples’ missing link. We all gave him a lot of shit when he first joined up but this boy has a feel for music and some serious chops. Casey and Craig had a band while they were in high school, called Lockdown, which did some really edgy original stuff. After that, Craig moved to Columbus, where he went to college, and played/recorded in a few original bands. The band he was playing in at the time, called A Modest Proposal, had just finished their last show right around the time we started looking for a new drummer. Without a band, Craig was eager to join the staples. We tamed Casey and got him in the pocket, and now after 2 years we’ve got Craig on board too. The current line-up of the staples is what I believe will be the final line-up. I love making music with these guys, and we always have a good time without taking things too seriously. With the wisdom of the veterans, and the freshness from our young ones, I think we have quite a few years to party left in us.

I hope you like our story so far and we thank you all for continually helping us add to it.

Get ready to party, staplers, the summer isn’t far off!


-the staples